About us

Cyberattacks are on the rise

Organizations are more vulnerable to cyber-threats and require stronger defences, both internal and external.

Regardless the source of potential vulnerability, we must adopt an appropriate Cyber-security policy to quickly detect and protect ourselves against attacks.

This calls for more robust structures to keep safe and trustworthy the business and avoid losing significant revenue, as intelectual property and/or business information.

Bloomver is the witness of a continous fight against threats in cyberspace, and the journey still goes on

Bloomver-tech arises in an environment in which our daily lives become increasingly dependent on digital technologies, and cybersecurity incidents are not only intensifying but also diversifying.

The protection of valuable data in digital environment also requires having a highly experimented team to respond quickly to cyber-attacks.

Digital does not to have to be at odds with privacy

The risks force us to take action with rigorous implementation of technical and organizational measures to provide your business the latest, trusted and most effective solutions.

In Bloomver-tech we are aware of the growing challenges but we are also confident that having an evolving team is the key to build together the future of cybersecurity.


Keep your institution safe from advanced and persistent threats in a complex enviroment

Assure and secure your organization

Provide the ideal protection strategy to your corporation