Attending “Cybersecurity Conferences” next march, 26 will undoubtedly improve the understanding of the latest trends within the security space and it is also a push to build a culture of cybersecurity in Spain. The event is taking place in Gijón, Asturias and Bloomver and Castroalonso have done the hard work to bring the better professionals to the Community.

Our purpose?

We want to promote that citizens and both public and private organizations move in a cyber-secure environment.

Our directory will regularly update so…Stay tuned on CastroalonsoSecurity!

David Hernández (Dabo)

Responsible for the area of hacking and information security in APACHEctl.com

Idoia Salazar García

President and co-founder of the Observatory of Social and Ethical Impact of AI (OdiseIA).

San Pablo CEU University Professor

Ulises Arranz Cuéllar

Managing Director for Technology at ACCENTURE for 32 years.

Expert in quantum computing technologies.


Fernando Acero Martín

Director of Cyber Defense. Spanish Air Army.

Sergio Arce García

Research Professor at the International University of La Rioja (UNIR).

Teresa Alarcos Tamayo

Currently advisor at several fintech, bigdata companies. Fouder and President of W Startup Community

Expert on Good Governance

Pablo Martín Rodríguez

President and founder of IZERTIS

Margarita Robles Carrillo

Professor and coordinator of the Master's Degree in Cybersecurity at the University of Granada.

Member of the Network Engineering & Security Group

Deepak Daswani

Chief Security Ambassador (CSA) at ElevenPaths (Telefónica)

Ángel A. Núñez

MCT Microsoft Certified Trainer & Azure Solutions Architect. Microsoft MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management

Daniel Setó

Innovation Director at ALISYS

Mª Lorena Pérez Martínez

Responsible for the legal area at CASTROALONSO.

Member of the CTN 320 "Cybersecurity and personal data protection" group of ENAC.

Jonathan González

Collaborator Of Counsel at BLOOMVER·TECH

Consulting & Strategy, Digital transformation, Enterprise IT architecture.

Verónica Fernández Marmol

Tenured Scientist at Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

José Antonio Alonso Rojas

Director of Information Technology at ASISA.

Manuel Calderón

Cybersecurity and Biometrics Manager at IECISA.

Soledad Antelada Toledano

Network Security Chair at SC19.

Cybersecurity engineer at National Energy Research Scientific Computeng Center, Berkeley Lab

Richard Villaverde Baron

Information Systems Manager at CAPSA FOOD

Montse Guardia Guell

General Manager at Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem

Carlos Manuel Fernández

IT Strategic Advisor at AENOR. Innovation Advisor at DQTeam.

Emilio Dávila González

Head of Sector ICT Standardisation at European Commission

Richard Benjamins

Chief AI & Data Strategist en Telefónica.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Expert.

Óscar Lage Serrano

Head of Cyber Security & Blockchain at TECNALIA

Enrique Ávila

Director of Civil Guard's Analysis and Prospective Center

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