Inspiring woman leaders in digital area

Join us to talk about woman leaders in tech!

We are convinced of the importance of including female talent and leadership in technology. That’s why we invite you to join the recently created WSTARTPC’s chapter. Cristina Caldueño –Castroalonso and Bloomvertech’s project manager-, will be the driver of this inclusive association in Asturias.

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    • Opening

Carme Artigas – Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence

    • Participants

Teresa Mº Alarcos Tamayo – President and founder of W STARTUP Community

Representative of the Innovation Department of the Principality of Asturias

Cristina Caldueño – Project manager at Bloomvertech and Castroalonso. Driver of WSTARTUPCommunity in Asturias

    • Speakers

Susana Pascual – CEO of PixelsHub and entrepreneurial woman of reference in Spain by El Referente

    • Moderator

Alicia Suárez Hulton


Why are initiatives like this necessary?

It’s a reality that only 12% of the TIC sector is represented by women in Spain, and 18% worldwide. Also, if we talk about jobs that imply a greater responsibility, these percentages fall extremely. These figures are very worrying due to the digitalization of our society and a future in which most of the jobs generated will be related to new technologies. According to a report published by the consulting firm A.T. Kearney the existing gender gap in our country causes a loss of wealth equivalent to 15% of gross domestic product. Startups founded and led by women are economically more profitable but receive less funding.The inclusion of women in technological jobs and support for female entrepreneurship is a necessary condition, not only to contribute new and innovative points of view, but also to create increasingly inclusive products. If emerging technologies such as machine learning or deep learning, interact mostly with data generated by male profiles, it is inevitable that they contain gender biases.

How can we create a more inclusive technology sector?

The task of improving these figures lies in a long process that begins in training centres such as schools and institutes, encouraging girls to have a passion for new technologies, and ends in small and medium-sized enterprises, large multinationals and public institutions that must support events, projects and innovative ideas.

Asturias as a reference for female entrepreneurship

To create a more egalitarian sector we should not go too far. We have a great deal of female talent in the STEM field, a good training offer and a technology sector that is beginning to take off. Associations such as W STARTUP C aim to unite these points with the aim of converting Asturias into a feminine reference point both on a Spanish and European level. 

We are building the next generation of startup woman leaders in tech! You in?

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